PBG tries several hacks and mods of Twilight Princess.

Zelda Twilight Princess HACKING!
Upload Date November 1st 2016
Series Zelda Month



Synopsis Edit

This is the sixth Zelda Month. There should be 5 videos this year. PBG tries to escape and Todd laughs.

The creepy hacked intro of Twilight Princess plays. PBG yells at a villager while Link has a large head and no ears. PBG attempts to impressed children, and misses hitting targets with his sword. He cheats by starting the game with every item. Malo is hit constantly by PBG's arrows. PBG is shot with an arrow and is dying. He is given a heart piece and is OK now.

PBG uses a fast running hack, but it is hard to stop or control Link. Epona's Song is messed up. Link starts floating around for some reason. Link participates in a diving competition, where he teleports and hits the water twice, before landing back on the platform. He defies gravity to a new platform before diving, and landing on another platform. PBG doesn't even know what happened.

PBG's favorite corruptions are the music corruptions - and PBG's dog can be heard walking in the background! PBG visits Malo Mart. The original one is scarier in this case! Link gets stuck in a corner. PBG tries to fish.

PBG replaces the mayor with the postman. He then replaces cats and the grass and the pumpkins with the postman. PBG accidentally replaced pumpkins for re-deads! PBG panics as he tries to run away. All he has is the slingshot.

One of PBG's favorite expends the slingshot allowing Link to skip the game and attach to anything. PBG ends up out of bounds and Link ends up corrupted. Everyone's bodies start freaking out, and PBG panics. PBG struggles to herd the goats.