PBG saves the Kikwi and discovers the floating shop.

Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough - Part 10 - SLINGSHOT
Upload Date January 11th 2012
Series Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough


Synopsis Edit

PBG has screwed up his words. He kills a guy. He gets hit by a deku nut. He dowses for a kikwi and falls down a hole to pick up and reveal a kikwi. PBG comments on its mohawk! PBG fails at jumping across a gap twice. He lines himself up, and jumps correctly the third time. He heads back to the Kikwi elder. He warns himself to not miss the rope to get to the elder. The elder almost kills Link. Link gets the slingshot. This is PBG's first weapon.

PBG tells himself to make sure he grabs onto the next rope or everyone will laugh at him. PBG heads to the temple, and kills a bokoblin who deserves to die. Master Peanut gets a lesson from Fi, and becomes bothered by her continuing to talk. He didn't find Fi annoying on his first playthrough, but replaying it she can be a little bit annoying. PBG thinks Navi gets a bad reputation. Navi and Fi aren't so bad.

PBG shoots at Bettle's airshop and heads into it to grab the bug net. This guy is a little bit cranky. PBG comments that Beetle could just set his airship on the ground. PBG states that catching bugs isn't necessary, but there are things that are required by using the bug net. Rupees are much more important in this game than other Zelda games.

Improved potions are quite useful in Hero mode. He wants to go to Beetle again to find something funny. PBG doesn't really want to know why Beetle is on a bike. He stuffs up by leaving to store, and realizes that he needs to pretend to buy something. Beetle dumps Link down a hole throwing him out of the airship. PBG decides to pelt the airshop with seeds.

PBG heads back onto his loftwing. PBG heads back to the Viewing Platform, and states that you don't really need to upgrade your shield. He heads into a tunnel, and has to think about going in first. He then sees feet disappear!

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