PBG hacks Skyward Sword for Zelda Month!

Zelda Skyward Sword HACKING!
Upload Date November 1st 2015
Series Hacking

Zelda Month


Synopsis Edit

PBG welcomes the viewer to his 5th Zelda Month! He wants everyone to share this video with everyone the viewer has met in their entire lives! That might be weird. PBG will be hacking Skyward Sword.

First of all is the moon jump. It's not crazy, but can be useful for skipping parts of the game, and getting to places you couldn't reach before. PBG uses an infinite stamina hack. PBG is a busy man, so he prefers to use a boost-speed hack on the loftwing. It is possible to get from one side of the map to the other in a short period of time. It is hard to control though.

Sick of Fi? PBG can banish her from the game. She isn't even needed as a battery warning pops up on the screen, which can also be gotten rid of! Now for the weird stuff.

PBG starts with a trippy graphics hack. PBG can't even tell where he is going. He tries to make a jump, and doesn't make it! PBG loves the Skyward Sword music - and distorts it. It isn't as good as he remembers it. The next hack makes enemies larger. Even bokoblins are intimidating! PBG sees a giant rupee, and his battery finally dies. He yells at Fi for not warning him about that! Other things can be made larger too. PBG tries to fly through the boost rocks.

Link looks too normal. The swordplay works fairly well. PBG makes mostly-one-to-one head movement. PBG then stretches Link's head out. PBG shows some more amusing glitches with Link's head. PBG tries to show a hack that allows Link to climb up walls, but it doesn't really work.

Link's head is freaking out. Link's body is now all stretchy. PBG wanted this. Link can't keep his back straight. PBG is horrified at Link's stretched out legs. His legs spread out further the faster you go. It looks like something from Spore. Wait for it - seizure! PBG didn't think the fortune teller guy could get any more creepy, but he has been proven wrong! The bamboo minigame guy takes the cake. His head is upsetting PBG.

The loftwing is also freaking out. Link isn't even on the bird! Link puts his hands in the air like he just doesn't care! Link's face is melting. It feels like a horror movie!

The game doesn't crash, so it could be possible to beat the game like this. PBG does try on his gameplay channel. Link does a walk similar to the Wind Waker one. Link runs off the edge of Skyloft while doing the weird walk, and surprisingly is OK, as he attaches himself to the underside.

PBG sings about swagger as Link walks down stairs. He messes up his singing. There haven't been any lessons today. PBG doesn't want the viewer to learn anything. Just play Zelda instead!