PBG searches for the Running Man to give him the Bunny Hood, and shows off the extra masks in the game.

Zelda OoT: Happy Mask Quest #4 - Bunny Hood
Upload Date December 1st 2014
Series Zelda OoT: Happy Mask Quest


Synopsis Edit

This is the finale of this short series, as PBG arrives at the Happy Mask Salesman store. PBG has to think about what he is doing this episode. PBG buys the Bunny Hood. He shows off the Bunny Hood. It does not make you faster! He heads to the forest to see what the forest people think of it. PBG doesn't want this to be used as a guide, but if people use it as a guide, he shows how to get through the forest. The shrubs don't like it and attack PBG!

PBG discusses the Running Man. PBG searches for him, and can't find him. PBG is not sure how the running man works, nor where he is! PBG walks down a path hoping to see him. PBG finds him and catches up to him. The running man is beautiful! PBG tries to talk to the Running Man. The man finally rests as enemies start attacking! This man wants to be a rabbit. All the enemies attack! PBG hands over the mask. PBG's rupee counter maxes out!

PBG struggles to make it day time. Now with all the masks, PBG can now go back to the Happy Mask Salesman. PBG receives the Mask of Truth. The Mask of Truth makes Saria sad. The deku shrubs judge the mask. This is different. A large deku shrub appears, and allows PBG to carry more Deku Nuts. PBG is hit back into the Forest stage by an attacking Deku Shrub!

PBG heads back to the Happy Mask Salesman shop to check out the other masks. The Gerudo Mask is the first to be tried out. They don't fool the Gerudo. The king of the Gorons hate the Gerudo! A wall talks to PBG.

The Goron Mask is next. A guy insults Link no matter what mask he wears. The Gorons think that Link is actually a Goron. Darunia gets mad! PBG continues trying to get people to talk about the masks. The Zora king was friends with Biggeron. A Zora doesn't think that Goron Link could swim!

PBG wears the Zora mask. The dog lady finally likes a mask! One of the lazy workers screams! Biggeron is still made mad by the Zora mask! The Zoras think Link is too small for a Zora. PBG talks like Scooby Doo as he talks to Princess Ruto. The King thinks Link is mocking him, and Ruto wants to marry Link! PBG wants to show that he is a real Zora by diving off the diving platform - and lands on a rock!

PBG thinks about playing all the Zelda games on his channel.

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