PBG tests out the Spooky Mask, and gives it to the kid who wants to be scary.

Zelda OoT: Happy Mask Quest #3 - Spooky Mask
Upload Date November 28th 2014
Series Zelda OoT: Happy Mask Quest


Synopsis Edit

PBG pays his money to the Happy Mask Salesman. He buys the Spooky Mask. PBG puts the mask on, and people are rude to him! PBG spins across Hyrule Field to get back to the forest. PBG questions whether he is spinning or rolling, and tells Jeff to cut it out.

PBG arrives at the Forest Stage. The deku shrubs don't like the mask and attack Link!

PBG teleports to Lake Hylia. The scientist guy says something interesting about the scary mask. He heads to Kakiriku Village to the graveyard at night. PBG waits for the howl. He kills a Gold Skulltula. He talks to Dampe. PBG needs to head out and wait until morning, and screams as the enemies spawn around him.

Back to the graveyard during the day, PBG finds the little boy. PBG gives the kid the probably cursed Spooky Mask. PBG feels like he scammed the kid. PBG is happy that he made another customer happy. There is only one mask quest left - PBG's only made four thumbnails! It takes him a while to remember the name of the last mask!

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