PBG begins his Ocarina of Time Mask Collection, starting with the Keaton Mask.

Zelda OoT: Happy Mask Quest #1 - Keaton Mask
Upload Date November 14th 2014
Series Zelda OoT: Happy Mask Quest


Synopsis Edit

For Zelda Month this year, PBG is playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. He is doing all four of the Happy Salesman quests. PBG wanted something Zelda related for Zelda Month. This will be the shortest Collection series ever. PBG is asked if he will ever do a full playthrough of a Zelda game. He gets interrupted many times by enemies at night.

He's more open to the idea then he used to. He might play Majora's Mask 3D all the way through. PBG heads into the Happy Mask shop. PBG gets distracted by the lights as he reads the sign. The salesman is not here, and PBG has to go and find him. There are two stores in town that PBG barely went into as a kid.

He heads to Kakoriko Village. He makes it interesting by forcing himself to run away from cuccos as he makes his way through the village. He dodges quite well, but eventually gets hit a few times. PBG has to show the letter to the guard. PBG named himself PeeBum!

PBG feels bad for the guard. He heads back to the store. The Happy Mask Salesman has appeared. He's less creepy than in Majora's Mask, but is still creepy. He borrows the Keaton Mask. Some of the reactions that people say with the mask on are funny. Keaton looks like Pikachu, but PBG wonders if it actually is a race of creatures, as one appears in Majora's Mask.

PBG gives up inches from the guard. PBG makes it to the guard and the mask is put onto the guard's face!

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