Jeff plays Defender of the Crown while PBG explains how to play it.

YOU ARE BARRED: Defender of the Crown
Upload Date August 5th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG has played Defender of the Crown, but Jeff hasn't. PBG and Jared were going to make a video for this game, but Jared lost all the footage. They choose Cedric, who has 'Strong' 'average' and 'good' stats. They are amused by the Peter Pan like costume the character wears. PBG gets Jeff to do a tournament.

Jeff hits his opponent in the head, and is disgraced! He is banned from competing! He goes to raid a castle. Jeff pokes an enemy, and defeats him. More enemies keep on coming. He tries to use the poke / step back technique. Jeff defeats the leader. There is no way it is possible to read all the text. Jeff wins only 3 gold.

Jeff is frustrated that he can no longer be in a tournament. Robin helps Jeff and attacks the enemies during the night. Jeff's soldiers die instantly, and he dies quickly. Jeff gets more gold, and buys two knights. The enemies are taking over the land.

Jeff decides to attack the same castle. The soldiers are doing better then before. The leader is really mad. Jeff loses with one hit away and is captured. Jeff is besieged, and has to shoot enemies with a crossbow. He is defeated instantly.

Jeff loses the game. PBG wants to do a joust. Jeff still doesn't know what he did to get banned from the tournament. PBG duels and loses.

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