PBG and Jeff play Paperboy 2.

YOU'RE FIRED: Paperboy 2 - PB&Jeff
Upload Date July 11th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing Paperboy 2. PBG can't read the title. Jeff has played the original paperboy. They have to memorize the houses they need to deliver to. PBG starts and he is surprised at being shot at, and the weird things that are happening in the house. PBG delivers to the wrong addresses, and dies.

Jeff keeps on correcting PBG when he delivers to the wrong address. PBG crushes a guy with a car! He then is killed by being hit by a car! They are concerned by a baby stroller rolling down the street. PBG is run over by a monster truck! PBG judges whether people get a newspaper by how poor they look. PBG is killed by a cannon from a castle with a moat! PBG can't tell where he is supposed to go. PBG is fired. "Papergirl fired" is the headline, and he has to deliver it himself!

It is now Jeff's turn. Jeff slows down just to hit someone on a bike. PBG lies about not being able to ride a bike. Jeff breaks people's windows. Jeff kills a dog before being hit by a monster truck. Jeff kills a baby! Jeff wanted PBG to go first so he would know what to do. Jeff is chased by a zombie, and freezes people playing basketball. He knocks some old people off their rocking chair. Jeff goes over a ramp, but is chased by a dog. Jeff reaches an obstacle course, and misses all the targets.

"Boy saves breakaway baby!" Jeff and PBG discuss the photo with the police officer. Jeff gets to play again and he is hit by a tyre. After riding on more ramps, Jeff is hit by a dog, and gets fired. Being a real paperboy would be much easier - at least in the second week. Jeff gets on the high score. He calls himself "H Y".

PBG wants to try again. He crashes into the first obstacle! PBG delivers to several mailboxes in a row. PBG tries for a ramp, but fails. PBG crashes into a wall. PBG hits a hose that gets a woman wet. PBG gets hit by a cannonball, and can't save the baby in time. PBG is excited to get to the obstacle course. He has to wait for Jeff.

Jeff isn't allowed to slow down! Jeff impressively delivers several papers at high speed and saves the baby. Jeff does so well but hits a wall. He then runs into a dog. Jeff makes it to the end. It turns into a race. Jeff knocks PBG off right at the start, and PBG no longer gets to do the obstacle course! Jeff falls into the water. They wonder how to get a new level.

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