PBG's new Collection series has him playing through Wind Waker, exploring all the islands and marking them on his map. PBG does not explore any dungeons throughout this series.


List of Episodes Edit

Ep No. Title / Link on wiki Video
1 Episode Zero! Video
2 The Forsaken Fortress! Video
3 Mother and Child Isle! Video
4 Ice Ring + Fire Mountain! Video
5 Gale Isle and Headstone Island Video
6 Shark Island Video
7 Two-Eye Reef Video
8 Dragon Roost Island Video
9 Flight Control Platform and Spectacle Island Video
10 Diamond Steppe Island Video
11 PuhBuhGu's Oasis (Part 1) Video
12 PuhBuhGu's Oasis (Part 2) Video
13 3 Island Special Video
14 Stone Watcher Island Video
15 Overlook + Tingle Island Video
16 Angular Isles + Five-Star Isles Video
17 Horseshoe Island + Star Island Video
19 WINDFALL Island Part 1 Video
20 WINDFALL Island Part 2 Video
21 WINDFALL Island Part 3 Video
22 WINDFALL Island Part 4 Video
23 WINDFALL Island Part FINAL Video
24 Bomb Island Video
25 Cliff Plateau Island + Boating Course Video
26 3 Stupid Islands Video
27 8 Island Special Video
28 Rock Spire Isle + Star Belt Archipelago Video
29 Paw Print Isle Video
30 Tower of the Gods Video
31 Forest Haven + FINALE Video

Trivia Edit

PBG suggested during the series to count how many times he accidentally jumped out of his boat.

The Episodes when PBG accidentally jumped out of his boat:

-Ice Ring Fire Mountain

-Gale Island Headstone Island

-Stone Watcher Island

-Overlook + Tingle Island

-Angular Isles + Five-Star Isles

-Bomb Island

-Cliff Plateau + Boating Course

-8 Island Special

-Rock Spire Isle + Star Belt Archipelago

Total: 9 times