PBG completes the love story sidequest, and begins the Picto Box sidequest.

Wind Waker HD - WINDFALL Island Part 4
Upload Date April 9th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG forgets where the delivery man he is looking for went, and heads into the coffee shop. He talks to the delivery man. PBG keeps on changing the delivery man's voice. PBG delivers the letter. This story line is very weird. PBG sings as it is revealed it wasn't a love story. PBG believes Maggie has Stockholm syndrome. PBG is rewarded with a piece of heart, and wants Maggie to stop singing.

PBG prepares for the Deluxe Picto Box quest. He looks at the photos he has. The Picto Box guy is really creepy. PBG shows off the photo gallery, and follows Link. PBG shows the photos he has taken. He doesn't like them. PBG tries to take a picture of his picture. He doesn't like them either. PBG tries to take a photo of the killer bees - but then takes a crotch picture.

PBG introduces the video in the middle of an episode. PBG agrees to be the Picto Box guy's assistant, and is amused by the option to say 'Goodbye'! PBG becomes impatient by the man's ramblings.

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