PBG gets more treasure charts, and delivers a letter.

Wind Waker HD - WINDFALL Island Part 3
Upload Date April 5th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG finds two bottles - one has every word spelled wrong! The other one is just weird. PBG uses the deku leaf to head over to the chest, but he presses the wrong button, and misses! He edits so he pretends that he made it! He gets another piece of heart. He looks at the lighthouse through the telescope. He makes it day time, and the camera spawns inside a person!

PBG goes back to the teacher. PBG doesn't even bother reading some times. He gets impatient when he reads, which results in him stuffing up. The teacher is rich! PBG gives the teacher more joy pendants. PBG receives a treasure chart! Woopdee freaking doo! The item is the hero's charm in the Gamecube version, and the mask appears in a labyrinth in this version.

PBG is not looking forward to the Maggie sidequest. The man is ungrateful about Link saving his daughter. Why is the daughter wearing bunny ears? She fell in love with a Moblin! PBG tries to read her letter even though she told him not to. The poor girl is happy now.

She goes somewhere at night time, and PBG has to look it up. She doesn't show up anywhere else, and PBG is relived to find that she doesn't so he doesn't have to wander around aimlessly. PBG delivers the letter, and after a day, he heads back to the rich man to overhear a conversation with the delivery man.

PBG tries to put on a french accent. The man doesn't want the letters reaching his daughter - so he's racist, basically!

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