PBG catches a thief, fixes the lighthouse, and plays Battle Ship.

Wind Waker HD - WINDFALL Island Part 2
Upload Date March 31st 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG did not win the treasure chart. PBG won't send his assassins to him!

PBG talks to a girl outside the auction house. She wants PBG to go away. PBG has to follow her without her seeing him. PBG performs another stealth mission, and sings Metal Gear Solid music. PBG is confused about a noise he heard, and almost fails the mission. PBG catches the girl red handed. PBG struggles to say debutante. PBG is worried that he is choosing the wrong options to say. PBG receives an empty bottle. PBG wants to steal from the safe instead!

PBG decides to fix the lighthouse. He hits a button, and nothing happens! PBG forgot that he had to change the direction of the wind first. Now it slowly begins to work.

PBG heads into the mini game with Salvador. PBG attempts to put on an accent for Salvador, and gives up. PBG plays. PBG loses by one shot. They are all around the same area. PBG is victorious, as all the ships tend to be bunched up. PBG loves the cheering sound effect and uses it in a lot of his videos.

PBG gets onto the windmill, and pulls out his fire arrows to light the lighthouse. PBG is given a piece of heart.

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