PBG begins his massive episode on Windfall Island, and splits it into several parts.

Wind Waker HD - WINDFALL Island Part 1
Upload Date March 28th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG has to redo his intro. This will be a massive episode because there is so much to do on Windfall Island. PBG wrote a gigantic notepad file to make sure he didn't forget anything. PBG finds a boring bottle.

PBG's first thing to do is to go inside the bomb shop. Next is the pigs. A guy really likes pigs. PBG thinks he is talking to the right guy. He shows the man the skull necklace. PBG has to catch the pigs. PBG tries the sneak strategy, but it is too easy. The second is easy to catch too. The third pig runs away. PBG wants to play Metal Gear Solid music as he gets the third pig. After delivering the final pig, PBG receives a treasure chart.

PBG heads into the jail where Tingle was. PBG talks to the dancing man. PBG explains his story. PBG struggles to change the time with the Song of Passing. Now it is night time, and PBG heads into the potion shop at night time. No one uses the potion shop in this game!

PBG investigates the auction house. PBG is worried that his microphone will run out of batteries. PBG participates in the auction. The reward once again is a treasure chart! There are treasure charts everywhere! The auction is not like a real auction at all. Link is not pleased with the man next to him! PBG doesn't have many rupees. Link gets really excited. PBG panics, as he is running out of money. He bets more than he has. Link is furious now! PBG doesn't have enough money, so he starts talking to Jeff. Jeff calls him dumb for not having enough rupees.

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