Rather than showing the Tower of the Gods, PBG battles with Puppet Ganon and Ganondorf.

Wind Waker HD - Tower of the Gods
Upload Date May 23rd 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

The Tower of the Gods has risen. PBG decides to show off the Ganon boss fights instead. He tries to avoid showing too many spoilers. PBG arrives at the Puppet Ganon boss fight, which is scary in the same way that a clown is. PBG uses his boomerang to break the strings.

He shoots at the blue thing, and misses several times. PBG can't even lock onto the tail, and tries to shoot it with the arrow instead! When PBG finally does hit it, Puppet Ganon rises back to the ceiling! PBG misses the ball front point blank! PBG finally defeats Puppet Ganon, and it turns into a spider. It looks ridiculous!

PBG wants to see its butt, so he can hit the ball thing on the spider. PBG hits it at point blank to kill the spider. The hardest part is the centipede, and it reminds PBG of another boss. PBG gets some epic shots with his bow. PBG prefers to be on the ground rather than shooting from the ledge. PBG drinks some granny soup as the boss nails him! This should now be easy! Link gets beaten up by the puppet. Finally, PBG gets the last shot, defeating Puppet Ganon.

PBG climbs up the rope to get to Ganon. He sings as he climbs. PBG makes "It's Zelda" jokes from the Super Mario Galaxy series. He puts on a female voice for Zelda. PBG waits for Zelda to hit Ganon before attacking with his sword. Ganon punches the children! PBG misses his opportunity to attack Ganon. It finally works. PBG manages to get to the next phase. PBG gets the shot off his sheild to hit Ganon, and attacks Ganon, stabbing him in the head. Ganondorf is dead - or a rock.

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