PBG battles a giant bird as he adventures to all the Wind Waker islands.

Wind Waker HD - The Forsaken Fortress!
Upload Date November 2nd 2013
Series Wind Waker HD - Island 'Collection'


Synopsis Edit

PBG introduces the Forsaken Forest, and makes the video about when Link returns to the Forsaken Forest. PBG fights the phantom like Ganon from Ocarina of Time. PBG accidentally makes a powerful attack, finishing off the Phantom.

PBG is pretty sure he remembers what to do in this section. PBG finds the skull hammer, one of the coolest items in Zelda. PBG flattens the "lens" enemies with the skull hammer. He gets blown up by a random bomb. This is the first episode PBG is recording for this series, and decides to kill everything with this hammer.

He shoots a guy with an arrow, and he smacks against a wall. PBG tries to get over to the other platform with the Deku Leaf, but presses the wrong button and fails! PBG accidentally uses the Deku Leaf instead of a hammer, and is thrown off a ledge into water. PBG is disappointed. The game knows that this is the first episode, and is punishing him by making him stuff up a lot!

PBG talks about the boss - and that this boss will be one of the few episodes where he fights a boss. PBG continues to press the wrong button the whole time. PBG flies over an edge with the deku leaf, and forgets to change direction of the wind, and has to go back. He barely survives being hit by a bomb.

Aryll is going to be saved now! The pirates show up, and PBG fails to read the text properly. PBG can't get pver the fact that he called his character "PuhBuhGu"! PBG decides that he will have lots of trouble with this boss.

PBG wonders why bokoblins are sitting around in pots. PBG hears a noise. Yungtown starts playing on his computer. PBG forgets what to do once he is up to the top of the fortress. He smashes the bird in the face. The hammer reminds PBG of Katamari. The giant bird is defeated. PBG feels sorry for it even though it is evil. PBG cuts the game off before the scene with Ganondorf.

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