PBG battles a mini dungeon, and destroys a bomb tower.

Wind Waker HD - Stone Watcher Island
Upload Date March 3rd 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG hasn't made an episode in a while, and forgets what he was up to. He is continuing to get the Triforce pieces, and heads to Stone Watcher Island. PBG rambles as he heads to the island. He tries to feed the fish, and he presses the wrong button, and falls out of the boat!

PBG arrives at the island. He explains how different the buttons are between the Gamecube and Wii U are. PBG finds a bottle, and it is the worst drawing he has ever seen. He sees the telescope guy. PBG moves a stone, and falls into a hole. He has to fight some guys in several rooms.

The footage corrupts, and PBG realizes that he doesn't have any arrows. PBG isn't sure whether he is actually hitting the enemies, and decides that the game is being nice to him. The moblins start to kill each other before launching Link like a baseball. PBG really wanted a necklace that was starting to despawn.

PBG hates the wizards. They can be really annoying. PBG gets set on fire repeatedly. PBG tries to befriend an enemy, but is just kidding as he kills it. One of the enemies completely ignores him for some reason, so PBG tries to sneak up on him!

PBG plays Wind Requiem. The chest appears, giving PBG the Triforce Shard. PBG decides to head off the island to get the heart piece.

He skips 5 seconds of footage to reach the tower, which is shooting at him. PBG is impressed as he blew up a bomb with a bomb. PBG sees an enemy being thrown off the tower, and feels sorry for him. PBG climbs up the tower, and opens the chest to reveal rupees. PBG is surprised, as he was expecting a heart piece. There is another cannon that he missed. He destroys it, and the chest appears. He gets the piece of heart.

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