PBG struggles to solve a puzzle fast enough, and has to defeat a large horde of annoying enemies.

Wind Waker HD - Shark Island
Upload Date November 13th 2013
Series Wind Waker Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG is at Shark Island. He feeds the fish. PBG is getting bored of the story islands, and wants to do something different. It kind of even looks like a shark. It looks like the marking in Skyrim with the animal puzzles. PBG pronounces 'instantaneously' correctly!

PBG remembers a fish that says something useful, but so far none of them have been useful. PBG finds a bottle and reads it. It is one of the most pointless things he has ever seen. PBG finds a Korok. He asks it why it has a long face! He finds a 'useful' sign and cuts it down.

PBG steps on some switches to put out the fire. He doesn't do it fast enough, and tries again. He fails again. He cuts down all the trees that were in his way. He finds rupees in a tree jail, and cuts down 24 trees at once! PBG implements a strategy to use the deku leaf. With his new strategy, he succeeds. It was way easier than he made it look!

He jumps down the hole, and defeats all the enemies down there. PBG pulls off some counter attacks. Half the smaller enemies have been killed by the larger enemies! PBG is surprised at how long this fight goes on for. The wizards are annoying as they keep on burning him. PBG tries to use an enemies sword, but it doesn't work. Finally, all the enemies have been killed.

PBG sings about picking up the glowing balls. His prize was a silver rupee. He thought it would have been a treasure chart.

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