PBG attempts to blow up rocks with his bombs, is almost killed by bats and gets ripped off by Beedle.

Wind Waker HD - Rock Spire Isle + Star Belt Archipelago
Upload Date May 12th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG is being attacked by birds, and kills them with a twofer! There is one more pointless island called Star Belt Archipelago. PBG heads over to Rock Spire Isle and forgets what it is called. PBG accidentally goes to Mother and Child Isle and is trapped!

He talks to the fish. There are only three islands left! The fish hasn't helped throughout the entire game. PBG accidentally jumps out of his boat, just as he is about to say how experienced he is at the game. PBG thought he used to come to this island all the time, but realizes he was wrong and ends his story. PBG blows up the giant rocks with his bombs. On the second one, he blows himself up as well as the rock!

He decides to blow up a smaller rock, and says "I guess" a lot. PBG presses the wrong button and places the bomb behind him! PBG likes the Wii U controller, but he gets A and B mixed up every now and then.

PBG gets shocked by a chu chu, and shoots it with an arrow. PBG knows that there are bats in this room under the island. He gets his boomerang ready and throws it. He realizes that he is about to die, and has to collect hearts as he defeats the bats. With the bats defeated, the chest is opened, revealing a treasure chart.

PBG flies over to Beedle. Beedle doesn't wait for him, and Link drowns as PBG panics! This is a special Beedle store. The skulls are now in the front of the store. PBG talks about the people Beedle killed. PBG doesn't have enough rupees for any of the items! Beedle's shop is a rip off!

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