PBG checks out his new island and finds the secret mini dungeon underneath it.

Wind Waker HD - PuhBuhGu's Oasis (Part 2)
Upload Date December 11th 2013
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

The episode starts with a "Previously On" segment where the teacher cheers for her joy pendant. The teacher sucks as she wants 20 joy pendants.

PBG realizes that the joy pendant is on her. PBG wants his oasis! 20 is a stupid lucky number - 32 is much better! PBG is given the deed to the oasis. PBG heads to the island. He gets the map from the fish. PBG rambles and cuts the grass.

PBG shows off the island. He can't sit in the chair, but he finds that Link can lie down in it! He gets a close up view of Link's face! PBG finds some rupees in the water fall. PBG wants the telescope man to get off his island. He finds a treasure chart in a chest.

PBG talks to the creepy door. The butler is nice to Link now! PBG investigates the house. There is a puzzle on the wall. PBG tries to solve it. He gives up after a few seconds. PBG breaks some pots - there are a lot of rupees in them. He then grapples onto a hook on the ceiling, which activates a secret mini dungeon under the house.

PBG discusses how the Triforce section of the game was changed as Link crawls through the tunnel. PBG gets lost. He finally finds a treasure chest, which gives him the orange rupee. PBG finds and kills some redeads, and finds the right path.

PBG finds a wind platform, which activates the chest with the triforce shard. PBG heads back to his holiday island. PBG doesn't want visitors! He hits the telescope guy with the hammer.

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