PBG has to deal with the Killer Bees to get his own island.

Wind Waker HD - PuhBuhGu's Oasis (Part 1)
Upload Date December 3rd 2013
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG warps to Windfall Island, and sings along as he plays the song. PBG warns that this is not the Windfall Island episode. He talks to the teacher, to get the Oasis deed. PBG tries to hand over the Joy Pendents. PBG needs to catch the leader child that goes "Yeah!" PBG has used that sound effect a lot.

Ivan looks a little bit like ProJared! PBG reassures viewers that this quest does have to do with the Oasis, and if they don't like it, they have to deal with it or leave. The kids run off, and PBG tries to remember where they all went.

He catches the first one, after he jumps off a cliff and should have died! PBG sidles behind the bomb shop, and finds one of the punks there. PBG wishes he could hookshot the kid! PBG struggles to get past the invincible pots. PBG compares this quest to catching the kids in Majora's Mask. The leader hides in a terrible spot there, but the leader here is much better. With all the Killer Bees captured, PBG wins.

PBG talks to the teacher again, and is rewarded with a purple rupee he can't use. PBG wonders whether or not he had to do any of that! He goes to look it up. He realizes that he has to talk to the Killer Bees again. PBG finally gives the teacher the joy pendants. PBG scolds her for preferring jewellery over children.

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