PBG battles a lot of enemies before finding Tingle.

Wind Waker HD - Overlook + Tingle Island
Upload Date March 10th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG jumps out of the boat again trying to feed a fish! PBG is at Overlook Island. This island is basically exactly the same as the last one. He will also see Tingle, and thinks he will be as creepy as ever!

PBG hookshots to the top and kills a blue slime. PBG likes hitting the trees high so Link has to fall far. It is kind of mean. PBG wasn't watching and is attacked by large enemies. They are all soon defeated. PBG tries throwing bombs at skeleton enemies, and it works well enough. He finishes them off with the hammer.

PBG battles wizards who spawn enemies. Z Target fails him, and he becomes overwhelmed with enemies. PBG runs in circles and attacks the wizard with his sword until he dies. He then kills the remaining enemies. PBG enters a room with just pots. He pretends he doesn't see the bokoblins jumping out at him.

There are now four large enemies in the main room this time. PBG talks about stupid stuff as he speeds up the footage of him defeating them. PBG opens the chest to reveal a Triforce Shard.

PBG arrives in another labyrinth that he has already got. He doesn't remember doing it. PBG wasted his time going through the Savage Labyrinth again. PBG checks a bottle. Again, it isn't worth showing.

He talks to the fish at Tingle Island. PBG climbs up the ladder to Tingle. The tower creeps PBG out. PBG recalls his old video where he discusses how Tingle is a mass murderer! PBG gets his map deciphered. With all his charts deciphered - and after PBG had to get more rupees, PBG heads out to collect the Triforce Shards.

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