PBG investigates the Ice Ring and Fire Mountain islands.

Wind Waker HD - Ice Ring + Fire Mountain!
Upload Date November 7th 2013
Series Wind Waker Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG checks out a bottle washed up on the shore. It is about Halloween, and there is a picture of the moon. PBG heads to the Ice Ring Isle and Fire Mountain. He forgets where they are. PBG needs to buy more seeds, and heads to Beedle's store. Beedle is very creepy and weird. Why are there skulls in the back of his boat! Beedle is probably a murderer.

PBG talks to the fish near the Fire Mountain. The fish gives very specific advice on how to get into it. PBG freezes the volcano, and runs up it, forgetting about the timer. Link has to sidle across the volcano, panicking as he has bombs being shot towards him. He succeeds, only to jump off the edge after he makes it!

PBG has to sidle again, and is worried about the bird. PBG advises people to kill birds. PBG gets inside the volcano, and kills the enemies inside. He opens the treasure chest, and gets the Power Bracelets. PBG decides to kill the fire bats. There should be a 100 rupee prize - but nothing happens.

PBG heads to the Ice Ring Isle. He gets some information from the fish. PBG demonstrates that he will be frozen as soon as he gets to the shore. PBG shoots a fire arrow at the island, and slides around on it. PBG explains that he is bad at the ice sections of Super Mario Galaxy. He falls in the water just before he manages to get into the cave. He succeeds the second time, and makes a Normal Boots joke.

He gets inside the cave, and needs to find some magic. He slides down the slide, and does a spin somehow! He gets the Iron Boots, and heads down a hole. He kills all the enemies inside. He sees an odd glitch when he attacked. PBG struggles to open the chest, and is rewarded with 100 rupees when he does open it. PBG shows a smaller chest with a treasure chart inside.

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