PBG plays mini golf, and defeats many enemies after falling into a hole.

Wind Waker HD - Horseshoe Island + Star Island
Upload Date March 17th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG is buying bait at Windfall Island. PBG explains how he went on a Skyrim bender. PBG is heading to Horseshoe Island. PBG is annoyed at how it is always night time in this game. He feeds the fish and gets the chart info. PBG plays the Song of Passing, and it is now day time. It begins to rain! The game does not want it to be day time!

PBG plays a mini golf mini game. He gets the first hole in one shot. He gets the second shot in one shot after using the deku leaf. The third one is harder, and it takes two shots to score! He talks to Ho-ho. He is looking out into nothing. PBG heads over to get the chest, and correctly guesses that he gets a treasure chart.

PBG falls down into a hole, and defeats the enemies down there. He opens the chest revealing another treasure chart. PBG notices that he is getting everything right for a change.

He teleports to Star Island. PBG gets hit by bombs as he approaches the fish. PBG notices that he has a lot of islands to go! PBG reaches Star Island, and pretends to end the episode. PBG doesn't know what to say. Link picks up a giant boulder. The endless Miniblins continue to attack endlessly.

This episode has a lot of holes in it. PBG jumps down a hole. He defeats some more enemies. PBG thinks he is awesome for defeating them all. He opens the chest, and find a heart piece. This is another episode that ends in a heart piece.

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