PBG marks off two islands this episode - the two islands with the murdered sages.

Wind Waker HD - Gale Isle and Headstone Island
Upload Date November 11th 2013
Series Wind Waker Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG feeds a fish at the Gale Isle, as he explains that he is doing two islands this episode, just like last episode. He gives weird rambly names for the previous islands ("Ice Ring Circle Place" and "Fire Burning Melt Your Skin off Island Land").

He then mistakenly says that he is at Headstone Island, even though the map just said he was at Gale Isle. There is nothing important on the island except for what he is supposed to do! He sneaks up with the iron boots on and uses the hammer to smash open the tunnel.

He has to learn a song on his Wind Waker, and takes 5 attempts to finally get it right! He blames his controller. Fado appears and begins to talk to Link. Basically, Fado was murdered.

PBG heads to Headstone Island. He basically says the same thing as before. PBG breaks the headstone. He learns the new song, and gets a cutscene with a Laruto, another sage. PBG explains that the Zora's aren't in this game at all, which is weird because of the Zora's would surely be the best race to have survived the great flood. Laruto was murdered too. That sucks!

PBG discusses the two new sages that are needed, Makar, and PBG's favorite character Medli. PBG needs to go to Beedle. PBG puts a pear on his head and controls a seagull to get a piece of heart on Headstone Island.

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