PBG arrives at every fairy island, and guesses what reward he will get from each of them.

Upload Date March 21st 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG will do 5 islands in one episode! He starts with the adorable heart shaped Northern Fairy Island. The fish has nothing to say about this island! PBG finds the telescope guy, and has no idea what he is looking at. PBG rushes himself. He jumps into the hole and greets the fairy. PBG wants money! PBG can now hold up to 5000 rupees!

PBG becomes impatient as he sails across the sea, and heads to the Western Fairy Island. PBG tells the fish to shut up. This time PBG needs to hammer a switch to get into the hole. PBG guesses what he will get from each fairy. He guesses arrows and is correct!

PBG arrives at Eastern Fairy Island. PBG comments that all the fairy islands have shells on them. PBG comments on how it is always night or stormy whenever he arrives at an island. PBG guesses that this upgrade will be bombs, as he needs to blow up a rock to get in. He is correct.

PBG heads to the Thorned Fairy Island. PBG sees a nearby tree island, and there is nothing there. PBG is hit by a bomb! He hits three switches. PBG doesn't know what to guess. He gets even more arrows!

The final fairy island is the Southern Fairy Island, and PBG thinks he will get a bomb upgrade or a wallet upgrade. PBG reassures that he will go back to Outset Island. Wooden planks block the door and PBG blows them up. He gets more bombs. PBG captures a fairy in a bottle. The fairy looks so sad.

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