PBG gets lost in the ghost ship.

Wind Waker HD - Diamond Steppe Island
Upload Date November 29th 2013
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG is being attacked by a shark! PBG tries to play the Wind Waker, but his controller doesn't work. PBG explains how he had a problem with his recording footage for his Wind Waker HD video - but he doesn't get to the end of the story as he gets distracted by everything.

He is heading to Diamond Steppe Island, as he needs to go to find the Ghost Ship. PBG visits the fish and feeds it bait. PBG confuses himself as he reads the text. PBG complains that the fish won't even say the ghost ship. PBG gets a bottle, and shows it, as this one is kind of funny.

PBG hookshots onto the island. The button layout for the hookshot is mildly annoying. PBG chills out in the spring, before realizing that it isn't all that fun.

PBG heads down the hole, and finds the ghost ship dungeon. This area was one of the areas PBG thought of when he thought of this series. PBG jumps into pots, and almost gets grabbed by a floormaster. PBG gets a Joy Pendant. PBG searches for the ghost ship chart.

PBG continues jumping into pots hoping he gets into the right ones. He ends up getting sent back to the start. PBG rambles about how he has good navigation skills, and surprises himself as he finds the ghost ship chart. PBG fools around, and finds that he can walk across a log onto another part of the ship!

PBG rambles about how he made a short episode and shows the ghost ship chart. PBG searches for the ghost ship and how creepy it is.

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