PBG infiltrates a submarine and a mini dungeon covered in lava.

Wind Waker HD - Bomb Island
Upload Date April 14th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG falls into the sea when he tries to introduce the video. He finds a bottle, and once again it sucks. PBG jumps off the boat! PBG warps to Bomb Island. PBG stops off at a submarine, as there is a good reward for defeating these enemies. He kills all of them. PBG gets an empty bottle. PBG questions the torches being in a room made of wood.

He talks to the fish. PBG brings back the fish voice. PBG is hit by thorns and he can't progress to the rupees, but he proves that they are rupees by shooting an arrow at it. He moves some rocks and talks about cutting down trees and swinging from them in Donkey Kong Country.

He heads into the mini dungeon below the island. PBG tries to attack an enemy, but is pushed into lava! PBG moves the enemy onto the switch, and another enemy walks into the area, and moves the first enemy off the switch so PBG can't enter the door!

The enemy uncoils, and PBG kills the other guy for screwing him up! PBG struggles to put the enemy back on the switch. PBG heads to the next room. PBG falls into the lava after trying to run quickly down a narrow path. He keeps messing up and has to do it slower.

There are more of the millipede enemies, and PBG throws one into a hole. He thought he missed. He gets the other one in the hole as well. PBG thought he would be timed for it, but he wasn't. PBG gets a piece of heart. PBG flies over to where the rupees were before. They weren't worth it. PBG ends the video by stating that he is Peanut Butter Gamer, and the viewer is Peanut Butter Gamer - and they both live in the same body!

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