PBG solves an easy puzzle, and a slightly harder puzzle, investigates a pointless island, and a submarine.

Wind Waker HD - Angular Isles + Five-Star Isles
Upload Date March 14th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG is surrounded by sharks! This is kind of creepy. PBG gets away from the sharks and reaches Angular Isles. This is an obviously man-made island made of boxes. PBG climbs up on the puzzle island and gets the piece of heart. It is very easy.

A blue slime appears, and PBG has nothing to kill it. Link gets shocked and is thrown off the top of the island. PBG manages to push the slime off.

PBG hookshots across to another island which has a hole in it, and finds another block puzzle. PBG has to work out which blocks he can actually move. PBG fast forwards the video, as it is tedious. He messes up. He gets to the top of the tower, and makes the chest appear. PBG floats over and gets the 200 rupees.

PBG is confused as he appears on the opposite side of the room. PBG shows a bottle he found. PBG finds the fish man. This island is so boring, the fish doesn't even say anything about it!

PBG heads a few blocks over to a rather pointless island. He talks to the fish at Five-Star Isle. The fish talks about the ghost ship instead. PBG falls out of the boat, and wants a counter as to how many times he has fallen out! This island is way too easy now, and becomes pointless.

PBG heads to the nearby submarine, and kill everyone inside. A torch lights itself! Inside the chest contains a piece of heart, and PBG is happy.

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