PBG inspects two really stupid islands, before exploring a destroyed one.

Wind Waker HD - 3 Stupid Islands
Upload Date April 28th 2014
Series Wind Waker HD Island Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG shoots down some boats - and people are dying! PBG takes down a bird! There are three islands in this episode! PBG searches for the fish. The first island is Seven-Star Isles. PBG says Dragon Island wrong again. PBG used to call King of the Red Lions the King of the Red Loins as a kid! There is not much to do on this island. PBG moves on away from the dumb island. PBG apparently already has the Triforce piece that was found around here.

PBG arrives at another pointless island - Crescent Moon Island. PBG swims up to the treasure chest, and gets shocked by the blue chus. The chest has a treasure chart in it. There are also pots scattered around the island. The telescope guy is also here. There is a submarine in the distance with a treasure chart on it.

The next island is Grey Fish Isle. PBG pronounces straight as "stright". He asks Jeff if it actually was a real word. It wasn't. PBG feeds the fish. There is a cutscene on this island which PBG has already done. The fish talks about the ghost ship. PBG breaks a bunch of pots hoping for money - there is no money!

PBG doesn't know hoe to get up onto the top of the island. PBG swims around the island looking for a way up and starts to drown. Link drowns just before he gets to land. PBG finally finds the spiral island. There is a Korok on this island. Jon keeps on texting him.

PBG soars over with the deku leaf and walks around on the destroyed island. PBG opens the chest to find the piece of heart. PBG wonders what the island was before it got destroyed. There is a house on a cliff. A bunch of people died here!

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