PBG plays the HD remake of Wind Waker.

Wind Waker HD
Upload Date November 23rd 2013
Series Review

Zelda Month


Synopsis Edit

PBG introduces the video by using Link to mime what PBG is saying. The Wind Waker is one of PBG's favorite Zelda games, and was stoked to see it being re-released in HD. He decided to make a video for it for Zelda Month, and decides that someone else had probably already done the selfie joke somewhere.

It's now possible to capture sad fairies in HD! PBG loves adventure games, and The Legend of Zelda games are full of adventure. Wind Waker reeks the most of adventure. The whole world seems large, despite the empty space. There are a lot of fun stuff on the island, like breaking everything in some guys house! The owner wants Link to pay for the damages, but he doesn't even have any money!

PBG talks about Grandma's soup, and the following mechanics. Makar can't jump off of a tiny ledge. PBG throws Makar away! PBG talks about the differences between the original and HD version. PBG likes the gamepad controller. He just jumps off his boat like an idiot! Since the game can be played on the gamepad, PBG can play Wind Waker and Star Wars Episode 1 Racer at the same time!

PBG makes fun of one of the Miiverse messages. This is the Zelda game that PBG suggests this game to people who are new to the franchise. PBG has a date with Medli, so he ends the video.