PBG plays a new Chaos Edition series, this time in Wind Waker!

Wind Waker HACKED - Part 1 (CHAOS EDITION!)
Upload Date July 8th 2016
Series Wind Waker HACKED


Synopsis Edit

PBG introduces chaos edition for Wind Waker. He sees things wrong on the title screen already - including Ganon! PBG laughs at the trees. PBG explains that these hacks came from the same person who did the Super Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword hacks from PBG's main channel video.

PBG names himself Peebles. PBG is very excited for this. The game opens in the middle of a storm, startling PBG! It is extremely loud. "*Volume reduced to preseve your earholes*" PBG is scared now. The camera zooms out on him. PBG discusses how the other hacks weren't very playable.

PBG comes across an enemy! This is a legitimate Chaos Edition. PBG wonders why he is so far away from Grandma and from seeing the Hero's Clothes. The screen goes black for a moment. The game crashes when he walks outside of Grandma's house.

When he gets back into the game, a lady's head goes weird, and Link is wearing the wrong clothes. Suddenly, three redeads appear! Link can't crawl for some reason. Samus appears on the screen saying "I know the feeling". A field of redeads appear. This is terrifying! Link climbs up the ladder strangely, and Aryll is messed up. The game crahes again.

Ganon appears and chases Link! PBG kind of climbs a ladder. PBG dies when he gets to the top of the ladder. Ganon continues to chase PBG, but drowns. The game crashes with Eryl again. Every time Link rolls, the drinking sound effect plays. PBG checks out Beedle's shop. Everything seems normal.

The redeads have returned. He tries Aryll again, but PBG gets a disease! The screen goes black, and the game stops working again. It comes close to working, but stops. Link's body is messed up, and he jumps all over the place. He tries to jump over the trees in the way, but a redead appears, and attacks Link as the controls get messed up. Link ends up in a field of redeads, and the game crashes.

PBG ends the episode, and hopes to find a work around.

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