PBG finds his favorite Animal Crossing character - Mitzi in his town.

WORST EMPLOYEE EVER! - Animal Crossing GCN (Part 2)
Upload Date May 9th 2016
Series Animal Crossing GCN


Synopsis Edit

PBG has to go see Nook. One of the villages teleported. PBG tries to hide from Louie. PBG finds out that he did make it 4am! PBG reads the comments with shame. PBG changes into a uniform. PBG doesn't like the idea of planting flowers around. He plants them away from the shop. He plays with a basketball and it falls into the river. PBG plants flowers around his own house instead.

He plants his trees before finding Mitzi. PBG is really excited as he finds his favorite Animal Crossing character. PBG tells an embarrassing story about Mitzi being his girlfriend in elementary school. Tom is very condescending. Tom keeps all of PBG's payment.

Louie won't shut up! PBG talks to Mitzi again. PBG finds the wishing well before talking to Tortimer. PBG wants Tortimer to be dead and appear as a ghost. It would be funny to him. PBG talks to Pecan. PBG hates the layout of his town. He also finds Dozer, and PBG struggles to talk. PBG likes Tom the cat. PBG thinks about eating Patty. PBG likes how all the villagers have their own different personalities.

PBG gets a lunar rover from Tom the cat - but he won't shut up! PBG wants the furniture to do more things.

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