PBG and Jeff are irritated by the Irritating Stick.

WHAT IS THIS GAME?! - Irritating Stick
Upload Date September 18th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG is already irritated! PBG bought this online and wondered what it was. PBG moves the stick through the obstacle and gets shocked. PBG yells at the guy in the game. PBG gets a game over on the first level. PBG tries to go slower, but it still doesn't work. Jeff reads the box. PBG finds an Elementary Course.

PBG finds a check point and struggles to get past the next path. Jeff hypes up the game. PBG makes it to the goal and they both yell. PBG decides to threaten people with more of this game if they don't get enough views and subscribers. After a moment of PBG concentrating, he eventually fails.

Jeff takes over. He tries the Intermediate Course. Jeff makes a mistake after he said that it wasn't too bad. Jeff reaches a checkpoint, and the stick ends up in a moving square. Jeff makes it to the next checkpoint, and PBG thinks it is easier then his stage. A saw chases Jeff faster then he can move. Jeff works out that he can move faster. Jeff tries a different path, where he must slowly go around a loop. He makes the goal.

PBG decides to do the Advanced Course. A 'fog of war' appears. Part of the track appears and disappears. Jeff tells a story about renting a lot of games from BlockBuster one summer.

Jeff rented TMNT: Turtles in Time, while PBG rented Super Smash Bros. Jeff is reminded of a story of his friend owning Super Smash Bros and daring Jeff to drink pickle juice. PBG tries to get through the course, but decides to call it.

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