PBG reacts to some weird Zelda commercials with some help from Chadtronic.

Upload Date November 12th 2016
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Synopsis Edit

It is time for more Legend of Zelda cartoon. PBG chokes on popcorn, and falls asleep during the episode. He wakes up at the end. He sees an ad for the NES. He calls for his mom that he wants to play the Nintendo. He then remembers that he is 26 and has his own home. Todd gives him an NES Classic Edition from Nintendo. PBG yells out for his mom.

PBG got bored watching the Legend of Zelda cartoon, so he decided to watch some commercials instead. The first commercial for the original Zelda game has a guy yelling and wondering which way to go. This isn't selling it - until he starts listing off enemy names. PBG thought he was going to say something else when he gets to Peahats.

PBG claps as a rap is played. He ghosts rides his car. Using rap to sell something is a terrible person. Footage of his Ghost Ride the Whip ad is shown.

PBG watches a Twilight Princess commercial, which is actually Wind Waker. Zelda gives an oversimplification of the game. PBG spits on the camera, and tries to clean it. This is a terrible ad for the game. They only used the darkest shots they could find. Remember the part of the game where there is water, the sun, bright colors and lots of birds - like the whole game! Someone whispers at the end of the commercial.

An Ocarina of Time ad is shown with a woman making noises playing the game, and PBG does the same. The ad says "Willst thou get the girl? Or play like one?" PBG laughs at that. PBG is disturbed by that tagline, ignores the fact that getting the girl is hardly the plot of the story, and wonders what is with the old English text. This commercial did not age very well.

A weird ad with puppets plays. Chadtronic appears, and complains that PBG is making reaction videos. PBG denies everything. PBG is stepping onto Chad's turf. PBG asks if it would be OK if he gave Chad a shoutout. Chad accepts. Chad tries to kill a bug.

Why do people even make commercials - they don't work! PBG shows a lootcrate. He opens a horror themed lootcrate box. The box has The Thing on it. A Screa, shirt is the first thing in the box. He finds a chainsaw phone charger. An issue of Delirium magazine - with a picture of a woman being eaten by an alligator! PBG shows The Thing from The Thing! He has a Walking Dead mug with a zombie in it. There is also a pin, and an Evil Dead 2 poster.