PBG takes another look at the weird iPad games that are on Apple's store.

Upload Date May 22nd 2015
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Synopsis Edit

There are a lot of iPad games. Some of them are great, and some of them are Chump: Eating Simulator! PBG reads its description. He is confused at the part where it says to put an entire hamburger into the player's mouth. The reviews are clearly fake and hilarious.

He reads the description of 4x4 Mini RC Truck Simulator, and they actually say that it doesn't suck, and begs people to play it! PBG thinks he's been lied to.

The next game is a game for women who want to whack their boyfriends. The game is a whack-a-mole game. PBG is awesome at this game, and he got a high score. He then shows a game where a woman shoots at her husband, and the game title doesn't even fit on the screen. PBG shoots at him, and gets a game over, and is surprised because he thought that was the whole point! The game is actually kind of fun, PBG just wishes it was an orc, or anything else (he shows a picture of Jared)!

There are a lot of bow and arrow games like this! PBG finds a game where he kills his boyfriend and is throwing around his dead body! PBG finds a game for guys who want to run away from ladies. He has to collect puppies and shoot them at brides.

The next game is Greatest madness of Jeff The Killer. PBG reads the description. PBG has some questions about the point of the game, and wonders why everyone is so short, and at least he finds out who Jeff the Killer is. Jeff has so much swagger that PBG can't take this game anymore.

PBG reads many hilarious game descriptions.

Someone has been haunting PBG's dream. It is Baby Hazel! He loads up Fun Baby and reads what the character's say. The character's make a rainbow igloo, and Hazel falls down and PBG finds it funny. He advises for people to make fun of their friends. PBG wins the game and makes a song about Baby Hazel and her friends.

PBG shows some outtakes of himself trying to pronounce the word 'familiarity'.