To go with his latest video, PBG plays some of the weird iPad games.

Upload Date May 22nd 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG will be playing some weird iPad games to go with his video on his main channel. Some games that he will be playing were in that video, others he didn't have time for.

The first game is Werewolf Park Sim 3D. Why is there a sim for that? There are a lot of ads! All you can do is walk left, right and eat! The people are so stupid, that they will walk right to the werewolf! The map isn't very big. PBG shows some pro strats! The game is stupid!

PBG sees a Flappy Bird rip-off called 'Crappy Yellow Bird'!

PBG sees Christmasize your Photo, which isn't really a game. He takes a picture of himself - and sees a loose hair on his face. He adds some Christmas images to the photo. Wheel of Fortune ads keeps popping up. PBG had to record this twice. He posted an image to Twitter earlier.

He plays Midnight Street Surfers.  It is a runner game. PBG doesn't understand why he can sometimes walk through stuff and sometimes he can't. MANY ads pop up. PBG ends up giving up as he dies again.

He tries Wild Bull Attack Simulator. The physics are funny in this game. He gets knocked back by a hacker! He runs around in circles - and someone gets past him! On his third attempt, he hits all the people.

He finds a granny game where Granny has to be launched up into the sky. PBG doesn't do very well.

He plays Cheeky Boyfriend. PBG is good at this game. PBG actually got a high score in the main channel video, and got another high score earlier, but lost the footage! He has to beat the record again. He bumps his chair and gets the cord in the way, so he has to restart a few times. He gets 144, and his high score was 151. He tries again, and gets 147. He then gets 148. PBG doesn't want anyone to download this game.

Prophet Noah isn't even a game. It is a terrifying story about Noah's Ark with a computer voice. It was just a little bit creepy.

The finally game is a Japanese game about running away from brides. PBG explains the different kinds of brides, and launches puppies at them! He tries to play until the character is set on fire, but he panics too much. He tries several more times. He finally is set on fire, and knocks the brides away. He ends up losing as soon as the power up ends.

PBG sings to the wedding music.

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