PBG bought himself an iPad, and found a lot of bad games on the App Store!

Upload Date August 11th 2014
Series Reviews


Synopsis Edit

PBG got himself an iPad for his birthday, which he got so he could play Heartstone and FTL. There are some really bad games on App Store, and PBG asks himself how they managed to get past quality control? These games were so weird that PBG needs to talk about them.

He starts with a kissing game called Bedroom Kissing 3. They made three of these? It's weird how many kissing games there are on the store. PBG couldn't get anything to happen after a few seconds, and the character looks like ProJared!

There are even more baby games, and PBG mentions are few of them, and they have horrible descriptions. PBG discusses Baby Stomach Surgery, which is rated 17+! The baby constantly screams, and there are ads everywhere. PBG decides to put unclosable ads for himself all over the screen. The baby makes disturbing faces. PBG won the game. PBG is surprised at how many people actually submitted a score.

PBG plays Bomb Town, and reads all the terrible reviews. The point of the game is to drop bombs on small villages. The music is very depressing.

Kids are edgy today and want violence, so PBG plays a mature game. He plays Pet Dental for Patrick, which just steals a picture of Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants. There is a lot of stolen content everywhere, and PBG wonders how these games actually got onto the official App Store with all this stolen content. PBG gives several examples of random Disney characters for no apparent reason.

PBG decides to read the description for Pet Dental for Patrick rather than playing the game. He then decides to read the descriptions for other games, as they are funnier than the actual games themselves.

PBG doesn't save the best game for last, and plays Baby Spaceman. PBG dresses up the baby, and floats around in space for a while before finding out what he needed to do. He had only played for thirty seconds, before it ended!

PBG is done, as he is sick of these games. He decides to give a review Baby Spaceman. He gave it one star, and said "It was okay".