PBG plays a very difficult trial and error DOS game called Weird Dreams. Also, Smiley Man returns.

Upload Date July 2nd 2016
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Synopsis Edit

PBG is having a nightmare. He wakes up in his office to a weird noise. Smiley Man is hiding behind his monitor. Static is heard, and PBG screams.

Weird Dreams for DOS plays. PBG is terrified and decides to stop playing. He watches the Super Mario Bros Super Show instead. The show goes to static with Smiley Man's face. PBG yells at Smiley Man for doing this again. PBG discusses the story.

PBG finally gets past the first obstacle before being killed by a wasp. This game is about trial and error! PBG finds a field of flowers with sharp teeth that kill you! Every time you die, you go back to the operating screen. This screen has ear piecing sound effects. PBG struggles to pick up a stick, and kills the flowers.

PBG should have seen the ball eating him coming. A girl is walking towards him with a knife and stabs him! PBG has a cheat to get infinite lives. A lot of time later, he finally got it! PBG shows a replay of him tapping on his keyboard. After feeding the girl to the ball, PBG now has a ball buddy! A mirror is out of order, and PBG has weird laughs with a 'glitching' effect and states he doesn't know how a mirror can be out of order.

The piano screen is impossible. The formula is 'screw you, you're going to die!' It doesn't give you a chance half the time! PBG played this for half an hour and was cheating! The wasp appears again, and PBG fights him aggressively smashing his keyboard. The wasp died at the same time as him, so it worked!

PBG shows off how cumbersome the game is. PBG shows how to attempt to attack an unfair enemy. PBG thinks he could play this game forever, and still never beat it without cheats. He finds a wormhole that takes him back to the mirrors! After walking the wrong way once, he gets trapped in the previous screen.

PBG gives up, and Smiley Man appears on him. He throws Smiley Man out the window. PBG decides to finish the game. He gets stuck. His fish gets bored and eats him! The ball makes a path for him, before self destructing. PBG warns to not go into the doors. PBG shows some more enemies.

The game is over, and everything is going to be OK - before PBG tells the horrifying story.

Smiley Man appears on a shelf. PBG yells at Smiley Man, before putting him on a barbecue. Smiley Man's introduction is shown. Smiley Man burns and PBG goes back to bed. However, Smiley Man reappears and attacks him.

PBG shows an outtake where he sounds like he is going to break out into song. Todd laughs.