PBG, Jeff and Jared play another game of Mario Party 2, this time as wizards!

WE'RE WIZARDS! (Ft. ProJared!) - Mario Party 2 | HORRORLAND (Part 1)
Upload Date January 3rd 2017
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Jared is also here. It was a terrible introduction for Jared! They wanted to by wizards. Everyone sticks to the same characters. They don't remember this map. They comment on everyone's outfits.

Turn 1 Edit

Jared hates the idea of having a bank right at the start. Jeff starts with a 1 straight away! They play Shy Guy Says. Last time they really embarrassed themselves. Wario wins.

Turn 2 Edit

Wario buys a mushroom, and changes the map to night. Jeff changes it back to day. Everyone is too poor for the star. They play Bumper Balls. It's always a draw! Jeff wins!

Turn 3 Edit

Jared changes it to night. Wario uses his mushroom, and rolls badly. Wario steals Jeff's coins. Jeff loses more money to the bank. They play Mecha-Marathon. Jared wins again.

Turn 4 Edit

There is another boo directly after the last one, and Wario takes coins from Jared! Jeff confuses everyone by doing another lap. Everyone steals coins from each other, as PBG steals from Wario, but only gets 6 coins! PBG changes night to day. They play Sky Pilots. Jared and Jeff constantly get shot at, while PBG and Wario miss the boosts. PBG and Wario win.

PBG stops the game just as Jared is rolling.

Current Scores Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 PBG 0 25
2 Wario 0 22
3 Jared 0 10
4 Jeff 0 8

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