PBG dances around the room as he tries to follow instructions in Pirates on Game and Wario.

WARIO, SPARE ME! - Game and Wario #7
Upload Date June 24th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Game and Wario


Synopsis Edit

PBG plays Pirates. PBG wonders which game Diamond City came from, and realizes it is Fallout 4. PBG and Jeff admire the title screen. PBG doesn't listen to what he is told. He has no idea what he is doing. PBG has to shield with the tablet. PBG just wants the actual game to start.

PBG moves around the room to block the shots. Wario gives multiple instructions, which confuses PBG. Suddenly, Wario wants to dance, and PBG dances with it. PBG finishes the level poorly, and doesn't know what happened. PBG did not do good enough to move on, and has to do it again. PBG tells Jeff to calm down.

PBG plays again. PBG compares it to Parappa the Rappa. PBG dances along with the game, as he does much better this time. He takes the dancing section more seriously this time. PBG kills the Wario pirate. PBG's score is a "meh"!

A cutscene plays. PBG dances with the characters on the screen. PBG will try to dance less next time! Jeff is not sorry for the bad camera. PBG is sorry that Jeff is here.

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