• Prowler64

    Hi all. Something that has frequently come up recently is the reasoning behind having a 24 hour limit on the uploading of spoilers, including deaths and final results in Hardcore. I would like to give a full list of reasoning behind the decision for this rule. I'm interested in other people's opionions both for and against this rule.

    The most obvious problem that most users will experience. There are always complaints on the internet about people spoiling the results. By this point in your life, I'm certain you would have come across the phrase "Dude! Spoilers!"

    By going around telling everyone the results in a forum where they are not expecting results, this ruins their fun.

    But, I hear you ask, this is the PBG wiki! You would expect spoiler…

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  • Prowler64

    One of the things that I have noticed upon becoming an admin of these kinds of wikias, is that people do not understand the definition of the word 'villain'.

    Googling the definition states that  a villain is "(in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot".

    The first problem with this, is that PBG reviews, are not some kind of film or play, it is a review show, not a action film, so there are no good guys or bad guys.

    In the case of the Smiley Man (the closest that PBG has ever had to a villain), he is clearly demonstrated as an evil character, but he never does anything that makes him a villain. Yes, he did kill his family, which makes him evil, but he never does anything against PBG apart fro…

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  • Prowler64

    PBG Wiki To do list

    June 3, 2015 by Prowler64
    1. Complete Hardcore up until the end of Terraria Season 2
    2. go through all videos on PBG's main channel
    3. complete pages for everyone who has appeared in Hardcore and other videos.
    4. Complete Hardcore Minecraft 4, and any other seasons made after that.
    5. Start going through some of his playlist on PBGGameplay and complete some of them. I will be targeting the Sucking At show

    After 2 has been checked off, make sure all of the newer videos on his main channel are being uploaded too.

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