PBG discusses how SpaceHamster will take over the editing of PBGGameplay.

Update! Editor + Minecraft HC?!
Upload Date March 16th 2014
Series Announcement Videos


Synopsis Edit

PBG announces that this is his gameplay channel. PBG doesn't usually show himself on his channel, but he has to do a vlog once. PBG hasn't made videos for a month, and there have been reasons for that. He has hired an editor for this channel - and PBG stumbles over his words. Jeff aka SpaceHamster has been hired. Now videos will come out and will be scheduled. There will be 4 videos a week, 2 of them will be Hardcore when that is running.

The next season of Hardcore will be Minecraft #3. A  lot of people are happy about that, and something everyone looks forward to. PBG accidentally spoils the last series, which gets beeped out. PBG can't announce the cast, because people may bail ont he series, as it has happened before.

It is hard to get 7 people together to record something. There will be lots of videos!

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