It's Zelda Month time again, and PBG kicks it off with his favorite Zelda items.

Top 5 Zelda Items!
Upload Date November 17th 2012
Series Top 10's


Synopsis Edit

PBG kicks off the second Zelda Month with a top 10 list about Zelda items. PBG apologizes for being really late for Zelda month, and that the series will run into December this year.

These items will be a combination of the most useful and the most fun to use. He makes fun of the fact that he could just place the Master Sword at Number 1. PBG talks about some of the awesome items, and creeps on people with the Picto Box.

5. Hookshot. Everyone knows about the hookshot. It has become a staple in the Zelda games. It can be used for puzzles, collecting items and even combat. In Twilight Princess, it is possible to get two hookshots! PBG accidentally has Link fall to his death.

4. The bottle. It isn't a weapon, but it has potential. Everything can be put into a jar. The fairies in Wind Waker look sad when they are trapped in the bottles. PBG commentates the tennis boss with Ganon during Ocarina of Time.

3. Hammer. The hammer is awesome. In Zelda 2 it is just used to break things, but in A Link to the Past, it can be used as a weapon. It's really fun to use. This game seems to call a lot of items 'Magic'. The hammer in Wind Waker sends enemies flying.

2. Bunny Hood. The masks from Majora's Masks are pretty cool to use. Most games just use boots to show Link's new speed, but putting bunny ears on his head? Genius! It is the most useful item in the game, allowing Link to go fast. PBG attempts to do pull ups and runs down a carpark. He ends up fully clothed in the bath, and states that "exercise blows!"

1. Bomb Arrow. PBG likes bombs, and has used explosions throughout many of his videos. He also likes the bow and arrows. So putting them together to make a bomb arrow is better than just blowing something up. PBG points out that there is a glitch in Twilight Princess that allows the player to have both infinite bombs and arrows.

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