After making his Top 10 Weirdest Zelda Characters, PBG returns to finish the top 20.

Top 20-11 Weirdest Zelda Characters!
Upload Date August 17th 2010
Series Top 10s


Synopsis Edit

A few months back, PBG made a Top 10 weirdest Zelda characters, but he got a lot of other notes, and received suggestions from other people for other characters to continue the list with.

20. The Old Man (The Legend of Zelda). The "It's Dangerous to go alone take this" guy. He appears in multiple dungeons at once, and even lives in dungeons full of monsters. He also sends letters to his girlfriend, the old woman.

19. Tott (Wind Waker) aka the dancing Elvis guy. He refers to himself as the World's Charismatic Dancer Extraordinaire. He's charismatic yes, but extraordinary, no. He kind of sucks. He just dances non-stop day and night.

18. Zant (Twilight Princess). He's been played up as a bad guy, but he's more pathetic, whiney and useless. He only became powerful because Ganondorf gave him power.

17. Kamaro (Majora's Mask). Kamaro is dead, and can be found near the clock tower after midnight. Playing the song of healing makes him ask Link to spread his dance across the world. Then he disappears. The mask and dance just looks really freaky.

16. Guru-Guru (Ocarina of Time). Even the game has no idea what is going on. Guru-Guru lives in a windmill and all he does is play the same song over and over on his music box. PBG thinks he is crazy, and he changes between anger and happiness.

15. Grog (Ocarina of Time). PBG doesn't know much about Grog. He looks very... curious. Link learns that he has been turned into a Stalfos. He's kind of depressing.

14. Lake Scientist (Dr. Mizumi?) (Ocarina of Time). The Lake Scientist is trying to get to the bottom of the mysteries of Lake Hylia, but every time PBG sees him, he's just standing around looking old. He gives the player the World's Finest Eye Drops, and has a shark that doesn't move locked up in his lab, and he looks like a freak.

13. Salvatore (Wind Waker). He runs two games stands. He provides 'cinematics' (paintings with holes) and reads the dialogue. He also provides sound effects. He even wears his mask to bed.

12. Ooccoo (Twilight Princess). Ooccoo is found in every dungeon except the last two, and has a son (a floating head). Ooccoo allows Link to travel in and out of dungeons. She looks weird, and there is a whole city full of these creatures.

11. Malo (Twilight Princess). This kid is messed up. He looks like a baby, but can walk and talk and opens his own store in Kakoriko Village. Donating him with enough money allows Malo to take over the fancy shop in Hyrule Castle Town. It gets turned into a creepy store with people singing and dancing.