PBG makes a video of his favorite Zelda songs from dungeons.

Top 10 Zelda Songs - (Dungeon Themes)
Upload Date November 18th 2011
Series Top Tens

Zelda Month


Synopsis Edit

Dungeons are an important part of the Legend of Zelda series, so PBG wants to find the best. Also, his light falls down.

10. Angler's Tunnel. Link's Awakening. It repeats the same tune over and over again, but it is catchy and nostalgic. PBG tries to make his own lyrics every time he plays.

9. Temple of Time. Twilight Princess. This theme reminds PBG of a game show question theme. PBG's answer to the question is 'What is "boobies"?' and the host scolds him for being incorrect and inappropriate. The audience boos him.

8. Wind Temple. Wind Waker. This theme features a lot of wind instruments. It also has some string instruments.

7. All the dungeons. The Legend of Zelda. PBG tries to find his favorite theme in the original Zelda game, and whispers to himself that they all have the same theme.

6. Sanctuary Dungeon. Link tot he Past. The music here sounds scary. Soon it changes, and a trumpet starts playing, and sounds encouraging.

5. Dark Hyrule Castle. Minish Cap. Yep. It is just a remix of the Hyrule Castle theme from Link to the Past. PBG prefers this one because it sounds darker.

4. Dungeon Theme. Zelda II. The dungeon theme is the catchiest theme in the game.

3. Fire Temple. Ocarina of Time. The original theme has apparently a Muslim chant in the background, and was removed in later versions. PBG has the original version and it freaked him out as a child.

2. Stone Tower Temple. Majora's Mask. The theme here sounds depressing, as if Link isn't going to make it. Then the flute plays, and it encourages the player to keep going.

1. Forest Temple. Ocarina of Time. The Nintendo 64 games are not for children. They give them nightmares for life. The Forest Temple has the scariest music in the game, and it made it difficult to complete this dungeon as a kid.