PeanutButterGamer goes over his top ten weirdest spin-off video games!

Top 10 Weirdest Spin-Off Games!
Upload Date August 8th 2015
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PBG makes some spin-off PBG series including a PBG cooking show, PBG takes pictures of animals show, PBG hunting show and PBG swimming show. PBG doesn't know how to swim, and almost drowns.

10. Mega Man Soccer. Mega Man is going to stop Dr. Wily with soccer. PBG has always liked this game even though it isn't very good. After beating a team, one of the character's join your team. PBG gets into the final match, and ties the game in the last seconds, before winning in the shoot out 4 to 2! The game then resets. PBG is angered and dies like Mega Man.

9. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. PBG sings along to the opening theme. PBG liked everything about Far Cry 3. His favorite part is when he shoots guns! Far Cry 4 was disappointing. Except for the helicopter part. Blood Dragon is weird and awesome.

8.Uncharted: Fight For Fortune. Austin loves Uncharted, and their explosions. But this is a card game for the Vita.

7.PacMan 2: The New Adventures. Let's make Pac Man walk around and do chores. It is kind of fun. In New Adventures he's kind of dumb. Everything needs to be spelled out to him, or he has to be manipulated to do things. He's kind of a huge jerk, and sometimes kills people, sometimes without the player even telling him to do it! He even verbally abuses his poor dog.

6.Yoshi's Safari. This game uses the Super Scope. Mario grabs a bazooka, jumps on Yoshi and shoot people!

5.Pokémon Channel. If playing video games are too hard, PBG shows this game that isn't really a game at all. PBG has to sit there and watch the anime all the way through. There is a quiz show that can't be participated in, and a report show hosted by Meowth. There is a work out channel with Smoochum, and PBG dances along with the game. He begins to freak out. It is also possible to get some 'nice trading cards'. PBG mocks the terrible Hitmonlee card that is horribly made. It sucks

4.The Typing of The Dead. PBG use to play House of the Dead a lot as a kid, and they made a spin-off about typing! The characters even have keyboards on them! The voice acting is PBG's favorite part as it is so horrible.

3.Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Mario and Sonic crossed over in a crossover game no one wanted. PBG uses ProJared's Mii to race in the 100m event. He gets 'so close' (he comes last by a long way)! None of the mini games are fun at all, and there are motion controls. The ping pong game has none of the complex shots that Wii Sports Resort has. It's not very good. The most fun is the Skeet, and it is the only one that PBG had any real trouble at. The image of Luigi angrily walking towards the camera with a gun is not something that PBG needed. PBG couldn't even name his game file PEEBS, because it had the word 'pee' in it!

2.Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. Waluigi stole something stupid, and only Mario (or Luigi) can save them. The river is blocking the way, and Luigi has to dance - when they could have just got on a boat, which they do anyway! Luigi has some pretty sweet moves. Luigi is going to become internet famous.

1.Tingle's Freshly Picked Rosy Rupeeland. PBG dramatically introduces Tingle's game and wonders why Tingle is the character chosen to have his own spin off game. It's actually a pretty fun game. It's kind of like a normal Zelda game, but weirder. The point of the game is to get rupees. PBG discusses the story, which is totally not a scam at all.

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  • Austin jokes about not knowing how to swim, but in real life, he can.[1]

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