Top 10/Weirdest Creepiest Video Game Characters is the oldest video still in PBG's channel. In it, PBG lists what he thinks are the ten strangest characters in gaming.

Top 10 Weirdest/Creepiest Video Game Characters
Upload Date October 19th 2009
Series Top 10s


Synopsis Edit

10 - Hungry Lumas - Super Mario Galaxy - They're constantly wanting to be fed and eventually they just burst into a random planet. PBG feels as if it is some kind of sexual innuendo.

9 - Mr. Resetti - Animal Crossing - The guy stalks you. How does he know you didn't save? And why does he care?

8 - Murrey - Harvest Moon - He has no real backstory. He's just some creeper begging for some cash.

7 - The shopkeeper - Resident Evil 4 - He has a strange ability to be everywhere at once.

6 - The G Man - Half Life - He barely says anything, he just stands there, and when he does say something, it just raises further questions.

5 - Sheogorath - Oblivion: Shivering Isles - He seems to be off his rocker. He says a lot of weird things.

4 - Voldo - Soul Calibur - He's trying to get the Soul Edge for his deceased master. He also has a weird fighting style.

3 - Agatha - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - She wants golden bugs to feel them?

2 - Tingle - Legend of Zelda - He's a 35 year old creeper who is obseesed with fairies and thinks he is a fairy. He has his own magic words that do nothing.

1 - The King of Cosmos - Katamari Damacy - He's really creepy. He destroyed all the stars in the galaxy, is 50 times bigger than you and wears tight pants.


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Top 10 Weirdest Creepiest Video Game Characters

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