PBG counts down the worst party games.

Top 10 WORST Party Games!
Upload Date August 15th 2016
Series Top 10's


Synopsis Edit

PBG wonders how to party and writes what he needs in his book such as food and friends. However, friends is stupid and he crosses it out. He randomly writes quickly and writes in the air "Crappy Wii Party games" and shows imagine Party Babies.

10. Shrek Super Party. This game is not great, but the bug mechanic is fun. Everything else sucks, especially the mini games. Once the game ends, nothing happens. PBG is sent to the evil bog! None of PBG's friends wanted to play the game with him.

9. imagine Fashion Party - PBG sings about what can be done in this game. PBG laughs and wonders if he can put in the video that you don't look good without makeup.

8. Tamagotchi Party On - PBG blows a whistle as he marches with his nunchuck. The sound from the game is awful. PBG introduces Tamagochis. The game is not fun. All the games are all 1 player and aren't memorable. PBG likes the idea of a Tamagotchi party game. PBG would either kill his friend for making him play the game - or not go to their friends house. PBG reads a review he found online.

7. Sonic Shuffle - PBG summarizes the plot. Sonic Shuffle is a shameless Mario Party rip off, with more strategy with the cards. The game is so boring, and mini games can only be played after landing on a mini game space. PBG took 20 minutes before he got to play a mini game. The games are bland and the rings from the mini games are useless. The 'Battle' mode is not fun.

6. Truth or Lies - The game asks him who has had the most to drink. With just PBG and Todd, none of them have had anything to drink. The game says he is lying. He tells the game he would spend time with his wife because he loves her. PBG gets angry when the game accuses him of lying! PBG complains about a stupid question. PBG says he has read 2 books in the last year, and the game ignores him.

5. My Sims Party - PBG cries as a My Sims game appears. He mentions his old videos, and people have requested this game. None of the mini games are any fun.

4. imagine Party babyz - It is a stupid party game with babies! PBG shows him and Jeff playing the game.

3. Nickelodeon Party Blast - It's bad! PBG won every game by not participating in the food fight game. PBG fights the easiest boss fight ever. The other games are terrible as well. It should be a crime to sell this to children. PBG is worried about Tommy drowning.

2. Family Party 30 Great Games - PBG sings about the 30 great games. The opening music is the only good thing about this game. Flying Teacups was the first game he played. He wishes he was dead! He shows some other games that are barely playable. PBG drops his Wiiremote.

1. Animal Crossing amiibo Festival - PBG wanted this game to be good, but was so disappointed. It is cute and charming but is so boring! It could have been better with some mini games. Unlike Fortune Street, all you do is tap your amiibo into the game. PBG hurts his finger knocking the amiibo away. It's more of a 'non-game'. The worst thing about this game is that PBG had to unbox all his amiibos. PBG cries as he opens them. PBG plays with his amiibo figures. Isabelle gets angry and kills Tom. PBG actually has fun with this.

PBG opens a Lootcrate. He starts with a Rick and Morty shirt, a Mega Man figure. PBG isn't allowed to use a knife! He gets a USS Enterprise Memorial sticker. He gets a 4001 comic, a Star Trek pin, and the Planet Express from Futurama.

PBG laughs at the mess he made with his amiibos. PBG mumbles into the microphone.

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