PBG looks at the suckiest enemies in video games.

Top 10 Suckiest Enemies in Video Games
Upload Date October 6th 2011
Series Top 10


Synopsis Edit

PBG recaps from his last top 10 where he was on a boat and ended up on an island.

10. Zombies - Half Life. PBG wants to play Half Life 3. Zombies are not very good. They're not scary, as it only takes a crowbar to kill them. They lack effort. They will even kill themselves.

9. Everyone - Rock of Ages. Rock of Ages is one of the weirdest games PBG has played. The enemies suck, and PBG isn't even sure if they are enemies. They don't do anything.

8. Green Koopas - Super Mario series. Everyone expected the Goombas to be on this list, but the green Koopas are better. The Goombas will walk off cliffs, but at least they will run towards Mario whenever they get a chance. Koopas are cowards, they run away and cower in their shells while Mario uses them to kill their friends.

7. Minions - League of Legends. Minions are retarded. They suck and give you gold when you kill them. Minions are easy to kill when players get armor.

6. Ganon - Legend of Zelda: Faces of Evil. Like Nintendo, PBG likes to forget that these games exist. Ganon is awful in this game and has terrible fireballs. Link just has to stand there. It only takes a book to kill him!

5. MonStars - Braid. How many enemies actually help the player? The game would be impossible if they didn't exist. There are some levels that can't be beaten without jumping on them. And even if they do kill the player, time can just be reversed to undo it!

4. Magikarp - Pokemon. If Magikarp didn't evolve into Gyarados, he would be higher on the list. All it does is splash. It can be imitated by a girl.

3. Negative Man - Earthbound. There are a lot of poor enemies in Earthbound. Negative Man lives up to his name. Attacking him makes him mutter depressing statements. He does attack occassionally though. He does 1 damage.

2. All the easily defeated enemies - Dynasty Warriors. PBG hasn't played Dynasty Warriors, but he has seen it. He doesn't understand what is going on. One guy beats all the other guys so easily.

1. Broom guy - Kirby. There are lots of bad enemies in Kirby games. Kirby can fly over all of them and they don't even do anything! The one that stands out is the Broom guy, and if he does attack Kirby, it kills him!

As an extra, PBG shows the top 1 least sucky enemy. It is the Yeti from Ski Free.