PBG wants to count down his top 10 cutest video game characters.

Top 10 Cutest Characters in Video Games!
Upload Date January 24th 2012
Series Top 10's


Synopsis Edit

PBG is eating chips as he thinks of who the cutest characters in video games are.

10. Kirby - Kirby. Just because he's cute and pink, don't underestimate this murderer. He can be just about anything, and he's always cute, except when he's being creepy. A commercial is shown of Kirby with a finger.

9. Talim - Soul Calibur. If you think Talim is hot, you are a pervert because she's 15! She's one of the few Soul Calibur competitors who is not competing for selfish reasons. She's competing against people who are older and stronger than she is.

8. MiniMog - Final Fantasy. He does an adorable dance.

7. Ditto - Pokemon. When asking on social media about this topic, Pokemon came up a lot, and PBG chose Ditto. He can turn into any other Pokemon. PBG turns a Ditto into a square watermelon - but it still has those weird eyes.

6. Josef - Machinarium. He's not cute in the usual way, he has a blank expression. He gets bullied and robbed by everyone. PBG attempts to sing 'Bad Day'. Every item he finds he puts it in his mouth! PBG shows Josef dancing.

5. Recette - Recettear. PBG thinks reprecession from a kid to be funny. She makes a store, and nobody accepts the prices offered, and no one wants to buy the shiny toilet seat. She runs with her arms flailing around.

4. Turrets - Portal. You don't normally think of machine of death, but the turrets are adorable. Their voices are cute. They don't seem to want to kill the player. PBG feels bad for killing them. PBG stacks up dead turrets and feels bad again.

3. Chiyo - Azumanga Daioh. PBG has been a fan of this series since he was young. PBG wants to put Chiyo on this list, but Azumanga Daioh isn't a video game. PBG looked across the internet and found a volleyball game based on the show. Chiyo sucks, so he plays as someone else instead. PBG realizes that he just isn't good and thinks he's an idiot.

2. Romani - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. There were several characters that PBG wanted on this list from Zelda (like Medli). Romani is adorable, even after being abducted by aliens.

1. Chibiterasu - Okami. It's a puppy. That's all he's got. Talim taunts PBG and he gets angry at her.